About Men at your Feet

Award Winning design by The Royal Society of British Artists & The de Laszlo Foundation Award, "Men at your Feet" - Limited Edition is an exclusive Shoe design by María Marí Murga.

The concept is to show María´s original charcoal drawings of male nudes. The gold color covering the sole and heel symbolizes the frame that embraces the work. Hence the title "Men at your Feet". These men of greek athletic beauty would be at the feet of a woman when she is in her heels.

"María´s drawings are executed with excellent precision and are amazingly tangible as if they had been drawn with the most delicate and precise of instruments. The author models her forms in fine chiaroscuro, giving expressiveness to the faces by applying firmer lines, masterfully emphasizing the white spaces with black charcoal, capturing brightness on the white background.

We are enchanted by her sfumato which she uses to achieve the impression of softness, and by the way she diffuses light on form, almost caressing it, giving it fullness and poetry; providing an enchanting tangibility that constantly provokes the hand into reaching out and touching, permitting the eye to discern structures and textures".

This unique piece is now for sale. For any enquiries regarding how to purchase it, please visit the contact section to E-mail María Mari Murga directly.